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Welcome to Constance Cooks!

Constance is a 40-year old professor with a cooking problem. Rather than use her PhD to pay off her crippling student loans, she slings cocktails and dreams of hosting a cooking show featuring New York artists in her tiny Chelsea apartment. Will Constance's culinary quest lead to a recipe for life, or will she fall flat on her face like a bad soufflé?

With actual recipes after each episode!    

Beep Beep! Entertainment is proud to produce Constance Cooks, co-created by Marc Stuart Weitz & Constance Zaytoun. The show is a comedy and introduces viewers to contemporary artists as well as recipes to follow at the end of each episode. Our team includes Rosalie Tenseth (director), Jamal Solomon (director of photography), Richard Kim (line producer), and David Domedion (culinary producer).

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Constance Cooks Pilot Streaming for a Limited Run!
Constance Cooks won BEST PILOT at NYC Web Fest in November, AND we are super proud to announce that our pilot won third place (tied with Rachel Bloom!) in the NYWIFT/GoIndieTV online festival.

Click here to see the pilot:
The pilot will remain on GoIndieTV through the end of February and will also stream on Roku in the middle of January.

​​You can also see us in the upcoming festivals:

Best Pilot
2018 NYC Web Fest